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We are strong. We are family. We are our history. We are a rich legacy. We are United even from afar. We are a mix of personalities,both sinners and saints. We are our own ledgers of our pasts. Through stories and family lore. Our ancestors are our legends and indelibly and infinitely more, much more. We can forge ahead with new found zeal as we acquaint and renew relationships. We can make predictable what seems uncertain because...we are God's and we are family. We can. We will keep the foundation that is EVANS stable upon the shifting sands of time. As the gathering commences and new people arrive, take a moment to hug spiritually those whose presence life circumstances did deprive. We are loved. We can. We will have a spectacular reunion. We can feel the warmth of the smiles of those gone before us that are watching us from Heaven on High. A legacy, strong, rich and pure forged by the hand of God. We are Evans eternal. We can, we will, we are....

By John F. Evans

Family Reunion - Luv Presentation (FRLP)
Aijai Anderson (Family Reunion (Luv Presentation) EP (EP))


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