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The Evans Family

Family Over Everything !

Welcome Descendants of Edgar Calvin and Ida Mildred Evans! 



August 4-6, 2023

Evans Family Reunion 2022 

What an awesome 2022 Evans Family Reunion!

We had a wonderful time at our 2022 Evans Family Reunion that will forever be etched in our memories. A few of the fam had a chance to visit Sun Hollow where the Evans elders grew up and where several of our ancestors are buried.

The first NexGen Kickback was a blast! The NexGen cousin squad Veronica, Shae, Crisstina and Janine set up a 90’s themed set that included great music, food and dancing!

Much of our time was spent at New River Park, eating, reminiscing, laughing, crying, and enjoying the chance to reunite again!

Cousin Cathy set themed tables representing each of the Evans Family Branches and balloons were released in memory of each of our beloved elders. The food was delicious! We were treated to fresh caught bass thanks to cousin James while cousins Nate and Corey Chef’d and Grill’d it up for us! Yummy homemade side dishes by our own family cooks were the featured cuisines! Cousin Lawrence put his foot (not literally 🤪) in those two pots of Pinto Beans, cousin Gigi blessed us with the cheesiest mac & cheese among many other things - most notably pound cakes and strawberry cheesecake, and the banana pudding by cousin Irma was delectable, too! 😋  After breaking bread, everyone sat around and shared stories of our elders that captured the essence of who they were!

This year’s family reunion re-affirmed our commitment to continue the valuable 21 year tradition for the offspring of the Evans elders to gather in celebration of our proud heritage! Stay tuned for next year’s event August 4-6, 2023! #EvansFamily2022 #itsallrelative #familyovereverything

We Love You,

Reunion Planning Committee

Evans Family Anthem Written by John F. Evans

We are strong. We are family. We are our history. We are a rich legacy. We are UNITED even from afar. We are a mix of personalities, both sinners and saints. We are our own ledgers of our pasts. Through stories and family lore. Our ancestors are our legends and indelibly and infinitely more, much more. We can forge ahead with new found zeal as we acquaint and renew relationships. We can make predictable what seems uncertain because...we are God's and we are family. We can. We will keep the foundation that is EVANS stable upon the shifting sands of time. As the gathering commences and new people arrive, take a moment to hug spiritually those whose presence life circumstances did deprive. We are loved. We can. We will have a spectacular reunion. We can feel the warmth of the smiles of those gone before us that are watching us from Heaven on High. A legacy, strong, rich and pure forged by the hand of God. We are Evans eternal. We can, we will, we are....