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The Evans Family

Family Over Everything !


What Does Family Mean?

Posted by M. Darlene Carson on May 31, 2009 at 7:49 AM

As I look back upon time, I can say with pure recollection that family is one of the most important aspects of my life.  My upbringing made me who I am and my family environment, the way I was raised defined who I am today.  My mother taught me values, work ethic, and to love the Lord. Some of the barrage of information that I acquired over those years growing up, I applied while some of the others I wish to forget. Yet the simple fact remains that I am a natural by product of how my mother raised me.

I find my identity in family relationships because I am a product of my parents, my aunts and my uncles.  The earliest memories I have, are memories of my aunts and uncles who came around and ensured that I knew who they were and who my cousins were.  They are my blood and those memories can never be taken away from me.  I remember that the times I spent with them brought meaning, love and acceptance to my young mind.  It gave me peace, comfort and joy.  I couldn't wait to spend time with them.

In this respect, for me, it remains of the utmost importance to initiate, cultivate, maintain, and prioritize family relationships. To teach my children, young cousins, nieces and nephews how important blood and family really is.  Although, it often seems that not many others hold it as an urgent need and distance themselves from family, we owe it to our ancestry to remember and sow seeds that will continue to grow long after we who will soon become the elders are gone.

The fact is, no matter how hard you try, you can never extricate yourself from your family.  They are integral to who you are and no matter how hard you try to distance yourself from them, the closer they become.  I say, why fight that feeling?  We were all placed in the Evans family for a reason, for Divine purpose -- and it is unthinkable that we would consider life without one another.  Let's stick closer than we could ever reasonably hope or think.  We should all embrace the opportunity rather than minimize it.


I am thankful to all of my elders for what they taught us and I hope to be the same source of strength that they were to me at a young age to them in their old age.

For the Love of Family ~



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Reply [email protected]
9:50 AM on August 8, 2011 
I agree Cuz. I will confess I was one whom had DMM(don't matter memories) but I must confess that I love my family! My daddy(Uncle News) had parents that divorced when he was young; they also divorced from him, I feel that's one main reason why he made it a point to take my mother to see all her sisters and brothers. Mother had an Aunt Lucille that she loved and my daddy took my mommy every year to see her family and her. She lived in Cleveland, Ohio.
You may ask what does that have to do with our family? You see Inease Katherine Isabel Evans Perry was the eldest girl of our mothers and fathers. Aunt Inease was a vital Sister, and Aunt, because it began with Lorenzo Evans(Uncle Wren) and Aunt Inease. The two of them were the beginning of everything.They were formed and fashioned so that the Uncles and Aunts following would know their roots. Mother told me that Momma Ida would make sure they went to church even when she couldn't go, sometimes when Momma wasn't able. Big Sis(Aunt Inease) to plant those seeds of rich knowledge on Momma's and Poppa's behalf.

So with sometimes weighty hearts we journey through but our parents made sure we had the knowledge of God sown deep in our hearts.
We all have fond memories of our Aunts, Uncles, brothers, sisters, and our loving cousins...lw...Evans Hill, Sun Hollow, Scarbro Hollow, Philly Streets, Cincinnati Streets, and East Beckley(Smoot Street),yes can't forget Cleveland Streets with Auntie's Debra, our very own Doll and Bill Hammond; going over Aunt Vi's to visit them we had some cherishable memories.
I didn't go to Cincinnati or Philly to see The Norman Evans or Aunt Louise's Clan, but when they came to us LHM I felt like The President had arrived.
Uncle Norman his debonair swag, his luxurious cars WoW.
When Aunt Lou came in with Nate was like MJ was visiting...yall know MJackson was my fav entertainer.
What I tried to express was I have fond memories of all my cousins...we were up close and personal and I love each of you.
My daughter Tamara made it this time too!
The Best Is Yet to Come!

Family is it! I remember pitching(was not good) horse shoes with Elder Herman's Clan, swinging from the tire swing wiith the Cleopatra Jones' clan, watching Batman&Robin on TV, (Robin was our fav) with Lillie Canada's Clan, we thought Robin was soooooooooo handsomeeeee, didnt we Cathy...kissing the
I pray this writing brings clarity of the fact that we may go through being upset with each other, the buttom line is We Have to Let Go So We Can Grow then we can fall into Place!

I wanna say I apologize for hurting anyone whether by word, or deed.

Yall see any mistakes count it to this keyboard otay, otay!

lwm=laughing within
LHM=Lord Have Mercy
Reply Patricia Lewis
2:48 PM on June 23, 2013 
Family to me is knowing that you will always feel wanted. Sharing special holidays together, knowing that someone will always have your back, growing old together and reminiscing about the "good old days. Having family always keep you connected knowing through the good, the bad and the ugly someone will be there.
Reply Patricia Lewis
2:55 PM on June 23, 2013 
Each year of our Reunion, as the months draws near, I start feeling melancholy. Since 2001, we have lost a few of our dear love ones. That's why every 2 years I pray that as long as it is a Evans Family reunion, I pray with the help of God I will be there.